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We have concocted a margarita mix that has added galactagogues that will help increase your supply. This mix is formulated to be a refreshing and slightly sweet flavor of a classic margarita.

This carefully concocted blend stands ready to serve as your go-to margarita mix. Just add your favorite tequila, and you have a lactation margarita. 


This mix comes in 3 flavors: Original, Black Cherry, and Blue Skies. 


Mix comes with 12 servings. 


*There is no alcohol in this product



*The Titty Bar Mama only recommends drinking no more than 1 of these a day and waiting at least 2 hours before nursing your baby so your body metabolises the alcohol.

Margarita Mix

  • Orders will be shipped within 8-10 business days. For more information, visit our FAQ section. 

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