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The Titty Bar Lactation Muffins are a delicious way to keep your breast milk production running strong and healthy.

Crafted with a special blend of organic herbs and natural flavors, these muffins are designed to promote lactation, maximize milk production, and enrich your breast milk so you can give your baby the best nutrition possible.

With just one or two servings of these delicious muffins per day, you'll experience relieving qualities of several unique herbs that work together to provide effective benefits.

If you're looking for an easy way to boost your supply while enjoying a yummy breakfast or snack, look no further than The Titty Bar Lactation Muffins!

Muffin Mix

  • This muffin mix only requires 1/2 a cup of milk and can be made dairy free by smiling using your favorite dairy substitute!

    The mix is packaged separately so that you can make six muffins at a time. 

    Orders for 12 + servings of muffins will be sent in a double batch so it will make 12 muffins at a time and will require 1 cup of milk!

    They also freeze really well so you can defrost them in single serve portions!

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